Advanced high tech procedures, innovative computer aided modern design and international standard manufacturing techniques are used to make Deka Solar batteries. They are the energy reservoir of your alternative energy producing power systems. It is of high concern to select the appropriate type and size based on capacity and performance. UAE is a place of surplus sunlight and it is always bright. Due to high consumption and low temperature tolerance, customers face the issue of worn out batteries in short span of time.

The team at Sunergy Solar put meticulous efforts and rigorous quality control to provide products which benefit you for long term. We present utmost quality from the import of raw material to the development of comprehensive units.

Offering Deka Solar Batteries in Dubai and across the UAE at Affordable Prices

The revolutionary technology and custom integration with energy management system of Deka Solar Batteries have several advantages including:

Sunergy solar batteriesMaintenance free

Sunergy solar batteriesNo need of watering

Sunergy solar batteriesEliminates corrosive fumes and spills of acid

Sunergy solar batteriesNo requirements of equalization charging

Sunergy solar batteriesStratify free electrolytes

Sunergy solar batteriesFaster recharge

Sunergy solar batteriesDeep cycle ability

Sunergy solar batteriesLittle deterioration less than 2%

Sunergy solar batteriesOptimum voltage matching between cells

Sunergy solar batteriesNo need of special containers

Sunergy solar batteriesReliable performance

Sunergy solar batteriesNo leakage

Sunergy solar batteriesIndividual plate formation

A Commitment to Excellence to Customers in Dubai and throughout the UAE

In addition to our world-class products, we are also deeply invested in ensuring that our customers benefit from smooth and seamless transactions. Our team will ensure that customers get what they order, in the fastest way possible. In any scenario, our customer support personnel will always be available to address the concerns of our customers and provide quick and exact solutions.

Holding a long history of reliable and on time delivery, Sunergy Solar has a team of professionals who are dedicated to supply solar batteries in UAE.