Sunergy Solar is a leader in the market of renewable energy solutions. Serving the nation of the Middle East and Africa, we are the sister company of Philadelphia Solar. Being the largest certified solar modules producer in Jordan of solar modules with 120 Mwp capacity and 300 Mwp mounting structure capacity using Magnelis materials, we pride ourselves in promoting renewable energy. We are changing the idea of rising bills and power cuts by developing an array of solar products in Dubai and the MEA region. A great value for money, our equipments and panels offer you the cutting edge, top notch power technology. Tried and trusted for so many years, we engineered our inverters and batteries for efficiency.

Creating the Difference in Emirates through Solar Systems

We are willing to provide holistic solution for electric supply that is why Sunergy Solar is eager to offer viability studies. We can give feasibility to plan a project full of complexities from huge grid solar systems to small scale solar systems. With the help of a competent team and firm adherence to quality performance, we keep all the solar systems safe and operational.

We offer only

  • High energy yield
  • Best Quality solar systems
  • High quality solar products and systems
  • Progressive innovations
  • Long-term performance
  • Aesthetic integration
  • Meticulous inspections

Grow Exponentially with our Solar Products in UAE

We present utmost quality from the import of raw material to the development of comprehensive solar projects. We are here to raise the bar in solar installation all over the United Arab Emirates at competitive rates. We employs the most reliable and renowned standard practices that can increase the overall performance and meet the expectations of the solar products in UAE

  • Small systems for home
  • Solar On-grid systems.
  • Solar Off grid solar systems.
  • Solar street lighting systems.
  • Solar Pumping Systems.
  • Solar Backup systems.