On grid inverters


The sun is a sustainable source of renewable energy that can be efficiently harnessed with the right technologies. Solar panels can gather light energy from the sun for storage and use for commercial or residential purposes.

However, before this renewable energy can be used, it must first be converted into the type of electricity that can be utilized in a conventional electric grid. This is where solar inverters play a critical role.

The importance of solar inverters in UAE for photovoltaic systems

Solar inverter technology is key to ensuring efficient use of captured light energy for commercial consumption.

A photovoltaic (PV) system typically produces a variable direct current (DC) output, which cannot be utilized by typical alternating current (AC) technologies. This includes conventional home appliances such as the television, air-conditioning, and refrigerator.

A solar inverter converts the DC output of a PV system into utility frequency AC electricity, so that it can flow in a conventional electric grid and be used by the appliances and equipment that are typically used at homes and offices. Inverters are also equipped to serve other specialized functions, such as anti-islanding and maximum power point tracking, making clean power consumption easier and safer.

We supply best-in-class solar inverters in the UAE for optimal renewable energy use

As a premier solar solutions provider in the UAE, Sunergy Solar provides a wide range of solar inverter technologies for those who are transitioning to clean and renewable energy. We have partnered with internationally recognized clean technology companies ABB and SMA to provide a comprehensive array of on-grid inverters.

Whether you need an inverter for your off-grid home, or you’re considering solar energy as an alternative power source for your office, our specialists will help you choose the best option to meet your needs.

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