At Sunergy Solar, our EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) team offers highly efficient and reliable solar energy systems and solutions to clients in the MEA region. We present top of the line turn-key working solutions that include the Design, build, setup, installation, operations and maintenance backed by well-trained and experienced engineers in the industry.

Complete Services

Sunergy can offer a range of services such as engineering, procurement, construction that can assist in smooth management of projects. Our experts can offer the following solutions:

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionSite visits.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&construction Feasibility studies.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionDesign and engineering.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionOperations and maintenance.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionProject development.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&construction Construction.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&construction Turn-key solutions.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&construction Permitting.

Simple EPC

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionQuality assurance

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&construction The existing area is utilized to generate power which saves a lot of sum on sacrificing valuable money over real estate.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionMinimum owner effort

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionA single point of contact.

Sunergy solar epc-engineering,procurement&constructionSimple services that is easy to monitor and coordinate