Operations & Maintenance

O & M

SUN & ENERGY provides clients with complete solar maintenance, solar services, operations

and maintenance solutions for solar (O&M with added value services to our high end clients using the latest product technologies in the market.

The rising costs of electricity along with economic pressures have made it really important for companies to invest in the effective management of all kinds of energy assets.

The main goal is not simply to reduce the O&M costs but also to increase the overall energy production.

At SUN & ENERGY , we have an excellent portfolio that shows our distributed generation assets.

The solar service solutions that we offer at SUN & ENERGY are listed below:

Solar service and repairs: Individually contracted services, repairs, panel cleaning, diagnostics, energy analytics, asset                              acceptance, commissioning and re-commissioning

Solar Maintenance Plans: operations and maintenance; monitoring and dispatch as well as corrective and preventative services

Solar Asset Management: monitoring and dispatch, financial, technical and administrative services.

Our services include:

 Design and build.

Performance monitoring

Event monitoring and dispatching

O&M (operations and maintenance)

Commissioning or re-commissioning of the solar

Reconciliation of as-built versus the expected production.