Solar Back up System


Do you feel annoyed when the power cuts or load shedding make your fridge stop working? Looking for an energy backup? In such situations, you can rely on solar backup systems. If you are running a business in Dubai and facing power outage at your workplace, the burden of overtime salary can ruin your budget. The backup system may be a rechargeable solar battery, hybrid system, off-grid and on grid inverters etc. Our high-quality solar inverters in UAE are designed to provide automatic power backup system. This happens without fluctuation and seamlessly so that your appliances won’t sense power outage. This allows you to keep connected and stay productive. When grid power come back our inverters switches the devices back to electricity and utility power and enter in standby mode to recharge the battery banks.

Benefits of Solar Back up System in UAE

·         Minimize loss of productive activities

·         Seamless and quick switchover

·         Integrate solar inverter for longer autonomy

·         Scalable battery reserve

Our innovative solutions convert power from solar battery reserves to switch on critical loads such as security systems, pumps, and electronics when you face utility power outage. For the situations of extended power outage, Sunergy Solar equipment easily replenishes battery reserves. We offer solar back up system in UAE, a comprehensively designed hybrid system which safely disconnects your appliances from the grid providing you continuous electricity to essential circuits in the events of the blackout.


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If you are running a school in Dubai, UAE, GCC or MENA we can design a proper project proposal for your solar and renewable energy for cost-effective electricity. We are willing to utilize solar technology and green solutions for the better environment and prosperous future.


We are leveraging the innovative technology by tailoring a minimum cost installation to accommodate your workplace with a number of ground or roof installation challenges for the betterment of your organization.


Solar inverters in UAE can light up your home with easy installation. Light up your life with our renewable energy solution.


If you are planning to generate a fruitful result in a municipality and government, the savings will go up through solar inverters in UAE turning into benefits for years to come.

The work of Sunergy Solar is driven by a dedicated and passionate team with solar products, technology, and services.