Sustainable Solar Energy

Sunergy Solar develops innovative and state of the art solutions to sustainability and deficit problems within the energy power industry.
Our eco-friendly methods and precuts eliminates the emission from power generation while enabling utilization of renewable energy through grid scale storage. This high-tech diversity in our solar panels and other equipment is projected to cost minimum as compare to other sustainable energy in UAE.

How We Create Difference

Sunergy Solar welcomes its client and customers in Dubai, UAE, GCC and MENA region to the staggering universe of electronic products and solar items including

  • Solar Panels
  • Charge Controllers
  • DEKA Batteries
  • On grid inverters
  • Off grid inverter
  • Solar street light
  • DC Solar cables
  • Mounting structure

Your Path to Full-Service Approach to Sustainable Energy

Our engineers and team members in Dubai are committed to helping your business or family go green. We work with our prestigious clients to create a sustainable plan for the cost-effective long-term energy needs. Our approach to creating, furnish and install provide high-quality solar panels and equipment at a competitive price. Generating renewable green energy with high performance is a great way to reduce environmental hazards and carbon emission. That is the reason why we are delivering sustainable energy in UAE.  Let us make your transition to green solar easy, hassle free and affordable by  

Innovation We Offer in the Market of Green Solar Energy UAE

All over the world, the demand for green energy and LED solar products is amplifying. The retail boom and high-tech gadgets have significantly increased the need for display and marketing solutions. Sunergy Solar is working to being noticed among all other renewable energy companies in UAE to provide an ingenious method of clean energy solution which cost lesser. Our solar panels and batteries are hugely supplied all around the United Arab Emirates. This has enabled us to become the market leader in green solar energy UAE.

We offer a huge range of solar equipment which is best both in terms of design excellence and high quality. We create our products from the best raw material in Dubai and our power engineers programmed them for high functional value.

  • Creating

Solar project, batteries, inverters, cables, mounting structures from the ground up

  • Furnish

We get high-quality raw material and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • Renewable Energy Installation

We offer professional installation for full-service solar panels, battery backups, off-grid and on grid generators, wind turbines, electrical solutions and more.

Our insured and fully licensed staff will professionally provide you the services of renewable green solar energy in UAE.