After spending years in the market of the UAE, The SUN & ENERGY Solar is redefining the idea of canopy structures and commercial carports.

Being determined to provide renewable energy in GCC region, we offer developers and installation experts for solar carport system in UAE.

We offer a comprehensive line of carports which are specific for solar applications. And nowadays these systems have gained enormous popularity on commercial and industrial level.

This advantage you in parking areas of large size and for the purpose of generating electricity while giving the opportunity of shaded parking area for public and everyday users.

SUN & ENERGY Solar Expertise in Carport Installed with Solar Panels

We take a thorough visit of your drive area and parking lot, then simply configure your carport project by providing our already designed Carport installed with solar panels.
We also offer custom made solution to assist you in your clean energy project.

Services of Project Development

Layout of site and configuration of coverage.

Structural engineering and architectural design

Analysis of PV panel including the alignment, layout, optimization                    and orientation

Provision of high quality preview of project before installation

Reliable deliver and mounting of PVP Panel

Installation and maintenance including foundation of steel


Benefits of Solar carports:

These systems are simplifying and producing economical                               alternatives to expensive and complex systems which are                              mounted on roof.

The existing area is utilized to generate power which saves a                         lot of sum on sacrificing valuable money over real estate.

Farming of fishes


Fountains in park and home

These solar carports increase the energy production vastly during                  your project of clean energy.

Little to zero maintenance is required by these permanent solar                         carports and trellis.

The repair and maintenance service is easily accessible due to the                  designs and structure.

General public and everyday users can be benefited with a shaded                    car parking.

To obtain these unlimited benefits of solar carports, contact our experts today