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About Sunergy Solar

Sunergy Solar LLC is a solar energy company based in Dubai, UAE. Founded by highly experienced professionals.

In the field of solar and one of the leading companies specialized in supplying solar energy products to more than 40 countries around the world, we are the agents of international companies such as Canadian Solar, JA Solar, DEKA Batteries and Morningstar corporation.

Our distribution center is in Jebel Ali free zone, Dubai - UAE with stock availability 25MW of PV modules.

Our Solar Energy Company in UAE Making World a Better Place

The creation of the universe was brought about by energy. If we investigate the reality, the human beings are bestowed with a huge amount of unparalleled source of energy all around them. When the state of the art technologies touch these energies to make them work together, wonders come to existence. Everything from the first part of the fire to the satellites in space is a fruitful result of these energies.

Our solar energy company is striving to invest the time of our experts to convert the unlimited energy of light from the sun. The Middle East, and MENA are the illuminated regions of the world with almost infinite, abundant and long lasting solar energy.

We deliver top notch solar solutions and provide a helping hand to mankind from the gates of our company in UAE by converting this resourceful energy into a beneficial form that can be utilized by everyone.

Save The Money From Sunshine

Whether the electricity bill is bothering you or you want an easy way to power your world with abundant and clean sunshine, our solar company in Dubai will provide you a positive experience while going solar.