Solar energy is the energy that is radiated by the sun and is converted into electricity to ensure that the energy of the Earth is saved and renewable and cheap energy is used for daily use.

We offer consultation and detailed information before you decide to solar power your house.

All details are always out there for you to see along with the fact that there are no hidden charges.

A solar on grid system in UAE is a power system that changes the sun’s energy into electricity and help you provide uninterrupted power supply all day and for night, the energy is stored!

How Does a Grid Solar Power System Work?

It may seem complicated but we ensure you that coming in agreement with SUN & ENERGY Solar are the smartest thing you will do.
Although it may seem complicated, the grid solar power system is very easy to understand and at the same time it as a ton of advantages too.
In the simplest way

The sparkling shines on the panels of solar nature generates DC electricity

This electricity which is DC type is then fed into an inverter which works on                            solar principles that converts it to 50Hz 240V AC electricity.

For power appliances which are used on residential and commercial setup                                 utilize this 240V AC electricity

Extra electricity which is surplus for user is fed back into the main grid.


Benefits of Grid tied Solar Power Systems

There are many benefits of the Grid tied solar power systems. On the top they are cost saving and hold importance not only to you but to the planet as well.
A few benefits are:

Full turnkey solutions

You save a ton of money on maintenance, over all                   electricity bills and more!

No time to time maintenance needed

High quality components.

Clean and environment friendly.

Reduced or eliminated electricity bills.

Grid Solar Power Systems Backups Available

You may be worried that solar energy may not be enough and you may face uninterrupted power supply once in a while. We offer you to you the following kinds of grid solar power system backups!

Grid tied with emergency backups used for power outages

 Grid tied with off grid capacity used as availability

Gird assisted that generate own electricity!

SUN & ENERGY Solar offers to you the best services and products for all your solar power installation needs. Our aim is not only to make you satisfied, but do our part in saving the planet by saving precious resources and energy and utilizing as much of the sun’s energy as possible.