Ensure Seamless Power Supply Through A Solar Water Pump In UAE

SUN & ENERGY Solar is determined to provide clean energy all over the GCC.

Our experts strive to bring innovation in the everyday life on commercial and residential level by making affordable electricity as accessible as possible.

This is the reason why we are introducing a solar water pump in UAE, which is a mini power house of solar array modules.

It can easily run the attached pump and save sum of amount, you spend on electricity every month.

It has variable applications from household to industrial level. Our high tech design of solar based system is capable of operating every size and type of water pumps.

What Is A Solar Water Pump?

To draw and pump liters of water in your tanks, and industrial application you use motor which takes electricity and becomes burden on your wallet. To resolve this issue, a clean alternative is available which works exactly like a conventional pump but the source of power is sunlight or solar energy. Dubai is a land of scorching sun. With desert stretched around the city, it is the best place for the application of solar panels and other equipments. It is consist of a bore pump, a motor and a PV array and the solar equipment is fixed mounted which takes up the rays of sun convert them into useable electricity then transfer it to the module and increase the suction of water and pumping time.
With affordable range of prices these systems are available in variable horsepower. SUN & ENERGY Solar is a reliable service provider in the UAE which offers the stress free provision and installment of solar water pump at the best solar water pump price in Dubai, which can stay in optimum condition over 20 years.


Benefits of Solar Based Water Suction System

Depending on your requirements these equipment offers multiple advantages.
Since the UAE is a sunny area where the need of water is high in household, these solar water pumps in Dubai offer reliable, simple and cost effective solution of alternate energy and require minimum assistance.
If you are into plantation, or have a huge backyard landscape using these systems provide less erosion of banks and multiple distribution point.

It can be used in off-grid areas throughout the year.

The operation expenses are minimal as compare to                                                       conventional and diesel pumps.

Our solar based water suction system does not emit green                                         house gases.

The load on national grid reduced


How Does It Work?

It generates the voltage and power for the motor. This solar based drive converts the voltages o DC input to a AC output of 3 phase with variable frequency and voltage.

Benefits of SolarApplication Of Solar Equipped Water Pumps

Land Irrigation

  Water supply on domestic level

Farming of fishes


Fountains in park and home

SUN & ENERGY Solar Offers



Value for your money

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